Special Effect Theatres

Dome Theatre

As one of the biggest Dome Theatres around the world nowadays, the Dome Theatre of China Science and Technology Museum possesses both the world’s advanced film projection equipment and planetarium-type program equipment. The theatre can accommodate 438 spectators and has seats for the disabled. It brings strong audio-visual shock and the unique artistic enjoyment to the audience by introducing the world progressive IMAX projection equipment, employing the hemispheric screen of 30 meters in diameter where the movie picture covers over 1000 m2, utilizing six channel stereo effect, and adopting superman’s perspective along with vivid surround sound effect. The Dome Theatre has the world’s advanced optical planetarium which can not only demonstrate celestial bodies such as fixed stars and planets but also reflect astronomical phenomena like solar and lunar eclipses and moon phases; it also has the digital auxiliary projection system which can reveal the secrets of the universe through more striking scenes. The seats of the theatre tilt to 30 degrees on the whole in order to build an environment where the spectators feel like looking up at the sky.